Slapstick (clear_sarcasm) wrote in killer_culture,

Holy Smokes!

We're growing quickly!

Welcome to everyone! I don't know if all of you will want to sift through all of these introduction posts, so we may just do one post where everyone comments, introducing themselves (just like in the posts)?

What do you guys think?

Also, MOD NOTE: Please tag your entries (and please read the rules. They're there for a reason). I have OCD and I like to keep things organized!

Finally, if anyone would be interested in Affiliating with us (which involves linking us on your community page somewhere and we'd do the same), please comment to this entry with a link to your community and we'll check it out and let you know. - Scratch that. I'll make a separate Affliliate entry.

Thanks...welcome, once again, and let's get things hopping!
Tags: !mod post, !rules

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